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This is my first solo exhibition as a photographer, and I am still pinching myself that I have been selected as one of the artists exhibiting in Ethiea Gestion's monthly rota.

I would like to thank the company for giving me the opportunity to dust off images from as far back as 2009 and show them to the world for the first time in this format, most of them for the first time at all.

Images marked with a red dot in the caption have been sold.
Vernissage 01Vernissage 02Vernissage 03Vernissage 04Vernissage 05Vernissage 06Vernissage 07Havana 01 Precarious cigaretteHavana 02 Splendour in decay 01Havana 03 Business basicsHavana 04 Splendour in decay 02London street 01 Smithfield marketLondon street 02 Watching the watcherLondon street 03 Meanwhile GardensLondon street 04 Scream!London street 05 Summer funLondon street 06 Eery resemblanceLondon street 07 Cats and dogsLondon street 08 Hide and seekLondon tube 01 Mascara tube 01

Guestbook for des moments fugaces @ ETHIEA GESTION
"I was lucky enough to visit Des moments fugaces exhibition in Paris. Antje's photographs capture not only breathtaking moments (a child going upstairs, a suspended moment at a bar, a suspended waiter at Zurich airport bar, the mascara tube series, etc.) but also specific lights, shades and texture that give them more density."

Thank you, Nathalie! I'm glad you enjoyed this peek into my world.